KAYLAR Sustainable Eyewear

Keeping People Safe. Protecting the Earth.

Kickstarter Launch  December 28th !

Plant Trees, Save Lifes

In the present era of Health and Ecological Crisis, it becomes our social obligation to safeguard our planet. We partner with charitable organizations across the world to plant trees and rehabilitate natural ecosystems.

About Us

Born in the mind of a young female entrepreneur, KAYLAR is a passionate start-up, innovative team, and ethical manufacturer of sustainable optical solutions designed to do more than help people see better. We are devoted to making the world a better place – which means supporting the planet AND the people who call it home.
That’s why we develop eco-friendly eyewear that protects people’s eyes from the harm of computer blue light, UV rays, and viruses, while ensuring a low carbon footprint with optical
solutions that are 45% biodegradable. We want to leave a better world behind for the generations of tomorrow, which is why we also plan to donate £1 to sea preservation efforts, while contributing £1 to tree-planting initiatives – that’s £2 to world-changing initiatives on every single pair sold.


The KAYLAR Difference

The world has significantly changed since the start of the pandemic. Office workers, healthcare providers, educational facilities, and the public in general must now protect themselves from a virus that spreads at a rapid pace. Apart from the coronavirus, people also spend hours in front of a computer screen or have UV rays shining in their eyes, which can cause short- and long-term eye damage, sleep disturbance and negative impact on the mental health. But life hasn’t just changed at the onset of the coronavirus. Over the past century, the Earth has also suffered tremendous damage due to pollution contaminating the planet’s atmosphere.
And KAYLAR eyewear is here to make an impact on it all…

Our Product

Keeping an Eye on Safety 


KAYLAR glasses are manufactured using Rilsan® Clear Resin G850, a high performance, 45%bio-based material manufactured from raw materials by Arkema. Rilsan® Clear materials are ideally suited for optical solutions with high performance properties and a low carbon footprint.

What does this mean?
-Defence against harmful UV rays
-Blue light reduction CR39 Lenses
-45% Bio-degradable materials
-EN166 PPE certified 
-Comfort, style, and durability
-Excellent transparency and clarity
-Chemical and impact resistance  

-Ani-fog cloth included

kaylar art 1
Artist: Himadri Patel

Saving the Earth, One Pair of Glasses at a Time
Our journey to protect the Earth goes even further, as we intend to donate £1 toward sea preservation and £1 to tree-planting initiatives for every pair sold. KAYLAR is on a mission to protect the Earth as well as our customers.