Help Us Bring KAYLAR
to the World on Kickstarter!

On December 28th

we launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to build up the funds we need to bring our stylish, sustainable eyewear of the future to the masses. For just £30, you’ll get your own pair of KAYLAR goggles for 20% less than the final retail price! If you’re as excited about KAYLAR as we are, please consider contributing to our campaign today!

kaylar art 1
Artist: Himadri Patel

KAYLAR personal protective glasses were designed for anyone who wants to protect themselves from harmful UV and blue light rays, viruses, and bacteria. Manufactured using Arkema’s Rilsan® Clear Resin G850, our KAYLAR glasses are the perfect solution for people who want to protect their eyes and the Earth. The Rilsan® Clear lenses are the latest in innovative technology, containing transparent polyamides and made from 45% bio-based raw materials.