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Keeping an Eye on Safety

KAYLAR glasses are manufactured using Rilsan® Clear Resin G850, a high performance, 45% bio-based lens manufactured from raw materials by Arkema. In addition, they include two silica gel inserts on the side and top of the design to ensure optimal coverage, so no spillage or droplets make contact with the eyes.

The KAYLAR Solution

Eyes aren’t only the windows to the soul, but to the world. With them, we get to see the staggering

colours of nature and the beauty of those around us. We get to witness life – all through the

magnificent function of the eyes. However, our eyes are also susceptible to damage.

Why Protect Your Eyes?

According to The Telegraph, people wearing glasses are three times less likely to contract

the coronavirus. That is because droplets containing the virus can enter through the tissue

of the eyes. According to Cleveland Clinic, UV rays from the sun can cause both short- and long-term

damage to the eyes. According to WebMD, experts suggest that digital eyestrain, better known as Computer

Vision Syndrome, affects approximately 50% of all computer users. This increases the need for blue light filtering solutions. That is why it is so important to protect our eyes during the day – and KAYLAR has just the solution!


KAYLAR personal protective glasses were designed for anyone who wants to protect themselves from harmful UV and blue light rays, viruses, and bacteria. Manufactured using Arkema’s Rilsan® Clear Resin G850, our KAYLAR glasses are the perfect solution for people who want to protect their eyes and the Earth. The Rilsan® Clear lenses are the latest in innovative technology, containing transparent polyamides and made from 45% bio-based raw materials.

Why Choose KAYLAR?

The Answer is Simple!

Premium Lenses

EN166 Certified Glasses

45% Biodegradable


Unisex Style

45% Biodegradable

You can use KAYLAR glasses if you are:

A healthcare professional

Working in an office

excess user of E-devices


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educator or student

Eye Protection

Not someone who requires corrective lenses

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Artist: Himadri Patel
Interested in getting a pair? You won’t only protect your eyes, but you’ll also have a hand in protecting our Earth. Purchase your pair of KAYLAR personal protective glasses today!