Eco-Friendly Protective Fashion Glasses

Do you think we could’ve done better?

The planet is damaged. Be it water or the array of diseases dispersed globally, everything is a mess. The earth nourishes us every day and we remain oblivious to it.

Now is the time to do better. To make amends and redeem yourself.

To step forward in protecting the very nature that we have hurt beyond repair.

Kaylar is bringing forward an initiative to protect our ecosystem and set better examples.

Who Is Kaylar?

Lead by a young innovative mind, Kaylar comprises a team that works tirelessly to bring you a novel solution for your eyes. These ethical manufacturers have devised an idea to bring protection for your eyes and help you see better the change that comes with it.

They are bringing dynamic solutions to create a better tomorrow for the people who call this planet their home. 

What Is Their Product?

The Covid circumstances have changed the world in its entirety. People are forced to work from homes and students to take online classes. This has affected the general health of the population due to their increased screen time and the emissions of Uv rays negatively impacting their eyes. 

Kaylar has devised fashionable and eco-friendly eyeglasses that offer high-quality performance and reduced carbon footprints. These glasses provide:

  • Defence against the UV rays. According to Harvard research, extra exposure to blue light can lead to several negative effects on human health. These impacts include eyestrain, sleep disturbance, neck and shoulder pain, blurred vision and dry eyes.

You can rest assured with the Kaylar CR39 lenses that reduce the blue light and UV radiation impact due to the high quality. 

  • Optimum quality of lenses. The Kaylar lens CR39 is lightweight, shatter-resistant and scratch-resistant. All of these qualities add to a durable and efficient product that can boost your eye care.
  • Biodegradable. These glasses offer climate solutions by offering 45% biodegradation and thus helping nature flourish and retain low carbon footprints.
  • The stylish frames. The Kaylar Frame is befitting for men and women alike. It presents comfortable and style combined to fit your face perfectly in the most versatile manner

Why Choose Kaylar?

Not only does Kaylar ensure maintaining the ecosystem, but it is also striving to protect nature in all its glory!

With every pair of glasses that they sell, they will donate £1 to tree-plantation and sea-preservation efforts. They aim to conserve the habitat for marine life as well as wildlife. 

Kaylar needs you to participate in their efforts to help Mother Earth. Donate to their crowdfunding campaign and take a step forward in doing something good for the planet that you too call home.